A Message from the CURUFC Captains

CURUFC Men’s Captain—2018

To be selected as Captain for CURUFC for 2018/19 is an enormous honour. My teammates have put a lot of trust in me by selecting me for this momentous task. With that comes great responsibility.

As we all know, the history of the club is significant. Throughout the amateur era, it was one of the world’s best breeding grounds for international players and many great players have played in the light blue and white hoops. Professionalism has changed the landscape in which we operate and we now face substantial challenges, as the sustainability of the club is unsecure.

It has taken a lot of hard work by selfless individuals to put the club in the great position it is now. With two wins in the last two years, we are now in a great position to secure the future of the club. Many people have gained a huge amount from CURUFC over a number of years. Apart from the memories made and friendships built, many ex-players have benefitted from career opportunities because of this great institution.

The players of 2016, 2017 and 2018 have all committed to securing the future of the club through donating to the Red Lion 150 campaign. We recognize the value that this experience adds to our lives and we are fully dedicated to making sure that the generations to come will also benefit from this great Club for many decades to come.


Nick Koster


CURUFC Women’s Captain—2017

Following the integration of Women into the Club in 2014 and the first Women’s Varsity Match at Twickenham in 2015, the women have really appreciated the strength & conditioning, physio and coaching support the Club has given them. We have witnessed such a growth already in women’s rugby at this University because of this, and look forward to building further on all of these developments in the future.

Everyone who is leaving at the end of this academic year will be signing up to support the Campaign, and I really hope that all our Alumnae, whether a blue or tiger (or both!), will also consider supporting us and the Club at such an important time in the Club’s development. I am very lucky to be here and playing for CURUFC for the next two years, but once a light blue, always a light blue, and I know that when I graduate I want to keep contributing to the progression of the Women’s team and the Club in any way that I can. Supporting the Campaign will really make a difference.

The CURUFC Womens’ teams really appreciate your thoughts about ways in
which the Club can keep developing – for example, changing room facilities that are fit for all members and a gym that can accommodate both ours and the men’s teams! We hugely appreciate your generosity to
help develop the opportunity of playing rugby at Grange Road together with the experience of being part of the Blues and Tigers Varsity

Thank you for all of your support.

Lara Gibson