CURUFC's Development

What’s the plan to change the current position?


The strategy to re-establish a stable financial position for Cambridge rugby and to make provision for on-going operating and infrastructure provision is based on a four-legged approach.


Our four-legged approach is as follows:

  1.  To enhance local sponsorship and support from Grange Road operations
  2.  To progressively increase contributions from the Varsity Match Company Limited (VMCL).
  3.   To ask for Alumni support for short term playing operations.
  4.  To continue discussions with the University about supporting Grange Road including
    future development projects.

The overall RL 150 target is to obtain funds that produce an added income of at least £150,000 per annum which would equate to an Endowment fund of £3.75 million. Please refer to the Red Lion 150 Campaign Brochure for further information.

Clearly there are ongoing discussions and factors that may change the breakdown of these numbers, and we will provide alumni with firm information as and when individual negotiations are concluded, but we do not expect the overall quantum to vary significantly. There is of course lots of detail behind these top-line numbers. We are happy to discuss any areas individually with you, and we will be publishing updates throughout the campaign.