A History of CURUFC

“We must be very grateful to the authors of the book as they are making alive, and keeping alive, the history and memories of so many Light Blue games players. In different decades there were different methods of playing, but always one objective – to beat Oxford and to have fun doing so. They have faithfully recorded so many years, so many players and captured the essential spirit of the rivalry. No lover of Oxbridge Rugby should be without this book which explains the essence of the game’s evolution until professionalism.”

Ian Beer CBE

It is a story that has never been told before and has been 150 years in the making.  If you, or any member of your family, have been a part of the Cambridge rugby story then this is a ‘must-have’ book. Or if you just love the game of rugby then this is a book you just won’t be able to put down. Click the button below to get your copy for £50. 

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