Red Lion 150 Campaign Progress:

We have made a strong start to the RL150 campaign and we now have nearly £50K annual income from 70 regular donors pledged towards the target of financing an ongoing annual spend of £150,000 for Training and Player Support or Bursaries. Many thanks to those past players and supporters who have generously signed up to the Campaign.

The 2016 men’s team has signed up en masse expressing a sense of association with the Club and a recognition that Cambridge experience is still valued. They understand that those who went before have a duty to keep the opportunity alive for future generations.

The current players (Men and Women) are raising funds for a new Strength and Conditioning facility, which is being co-financed by one of the club’s local sponsors. The current players are already helping to secure the future.

The University is getting behind the club in a way that it has never done before in terms of support for the operations and the long-term development of Grange Road… but we need to keep showing that the Alumni are supporting in numbers.

We need more CURUFC past players and supporters to join the campaign to secure the CURUFC experience for future generations. This can be via a small regular monthly donation or a one-off larger amount. The Campaign Brochure can be found here.

If you can help please do via  Red Lion 150 or contact Matthew Chester at