What’s the plan to change the current position?

The strategy to re-establish a stable financial position for Cambridge rugby and to make provision for on-going operating and infrastructure provision is based on a four-legged approach.
1. To further develop local sponsorship and support for Grange Road operations.
2. To progressively increase contributions from the Varsity Match Company Limited (VMCL).
3. To continue discussions with the University about supporting Grange Road including future development projects. (Please go to Grange Road Ground update to see the latest on these discussions.)
4. To undertake the Red Lion 150 Campaign to raise funds for rugby at Cambridge University; the Campaign target being to yield a regular annual income of £150,000. The funds will be used directly for:
a) Training and Player Support
b) Bursaries
The aim is to achieve a mixture of regular monthly/quarterly/yearly donations from a large group of givers as well as to create an Investment Fund from larger gifts. (Please go to Red Lion 150 Campaign Progress to see how the Campaign is progressing.)