CURUFC Red Lion 150 Events

Future Events:




  • 20th September – World Cup Dinner
    St John’s, Cambridge.
  • 21st September – Old Girls Match 
    Match at Grange Road, Cambridge.
  • 26th September – Sponsor BBQ 
    Grange Road, Cambridge.
  • 28th September – Lions Den
    Community day at Grange Road, Cambridge. Sponsored by Prism.
  • 27th November – 72nd Steele Bodger Match.
  • 3rd December – College’s Varsity Match
    at Grange Road, Cambridge.
  • 4th December – LX Club v Greyhounds Varsity Match
    at Iffley Road, Oxford. 
  • 12th December – Varsity Matches at Twickenham.

Past Events:




A list of all matches for all teams for the 2019/20 season can be found here