Grange Road Ground update

A CURUFC/University Review Group was set up in January 2017 and short-term funding has been secured as a result of these discussions through a £90k one off grant to help the Club. In addition, the discussions had covered possible University assistance towards maintaining Grange Road, though nothing definitive on this has yet been agreed.

In terms of a possible development of the ground, the following three scenarios have been discussed:

1.       Modest refurbishment of Grange Road

2.       Relocation (at the request of the University)

3.       Major redevelopment of Grange Road to include:

i.      refurbishment of the Club House & the development of 2 or 4 new changing rooms

ii.      replace floodlights

iii.      new top quality artificial surface

The University has been most enthusiastic about option 3) to focus on Grange Road being a major University Sports location for field sports; one which could be used 40hrs a week. Discussions about this option have been progressing positively over the last year especially during the Michaelmas term of 2017 and in December 2017 the University gave its strategic backing to this project through its registration as a University capital project, which was an important and positive step forwards for the Club. However, this does not guarantee any University funding and the next step is to discuss with the University and other clubs, how finance can be secured for this project, which is likely to be a lengthy process and not necessarily guaranteed. Graham Virgo, Pro VC Education, is very much pro sport and in October he will become Senior Pro VC for the University. The project has been mentioned to local business and Club sponsors who are interested in these evolving steps.

These discussions are complex as they will involve the Ground Trust that owns the ground and Jesus College which possesses a covenant to the land) as well as the fact the land falls within the green belt, is designated as protected open space and is in a conversation area (along with the training pitch). Security over the use of the training pitch is an important part of the project.

The logical next steps are important for the Club to follow through on and would involve:

a) Talking through the evolving proposals with Jesus College

b) Meeting with the planners

c) Continuing to engage with/update the key decision makers

d) Continuing to develop closer links with the University

Discussions have been positive to date, however, challenging and protracted discussions are likely to lie ahead, and the project is not one within the Club’s sole control. The Club’s RL 150 Campaign plays a crucial part of contributing and influencing the outcome of these discussions. The University is more likely to financially support this strategic project if the Club is working hard to help itself with fundraising both through its alumni base and through local sponsorship.