Former CURUFC President, Professor Mark Bailey

We need to raise funds for rugby at Cambridge University and the Campaign target is to yield an annual income of £150,000. The funds will be used directly for:

  1. Training and Player Support
  2. Bursaries

We have to seize this opportunity and we need your support. The aim is to achieve a mixture of regular monthly/yearly donations from a large group of givers as well as to create an Investment Fund from larger gifts. (Please go to Support Our Campaign to see how you can help us)

These are the headlines. For over 145 years Cambridge University Rugby Club has been nurturing rugby football within the University and its place in the history of Rugby Football is significant. As a Club, we remain committed to ensuring that talented rugby players, whether undergraduate or postgraduate, enter an environment that develops each individual’s rugby abilities.  2021 marks the 150th anniversary of the founding of the Club and we have been considering options for creating a sustainable platform for rugby in Cambridge University for the next 150 years. However, we now face considerable financial challenges, on a greater scale than ever before. (Please go to Current Challenge to see further details)

The Club has assembled a strong team of former players and other supporters to guide the Club, however, we cannot address these challenges alone. We are exploring ways in which we can develop a sustainable and complementary partnership with the University. These discussions are progressing very positively and the University agreed to provide some interim funding for 2017-18. This generates real confidence that further discussions will lead to the University providing some long-term support for the running costs of the Club’s facilities, as well as for future infrastructure development projects at Grange Road. We are also working with local businesses in a variety of ways and are most grateful for their support and enthusiasm for the Club and its opportunity to develop.  Finally, we need your support to secure the future of all rugby which is played at Cambridge University. (See Development for news as to how these initiatives are progressing).

I had a wonderful time at Cambridge, in substantial part because CURUFC provided opportunities, experiences and friendships that have shaped my life. That, and a Cambridge degree, provided an unrivalled platform for future success in life. It is up to us to ensure future generations of University players have this same opportunity. The 150th Anniversary is the ideal opportunity to run a Campaign and realise our target by engaging with Cambridge rugby alumni and supporters on a scale, and in a manner, that we have never attempted before.

Please go to Captains’ messages to hear from the current players and to Events to find a list of current and past Campaign events.

Dr Mark Bailey (82-84)
Chairman of the Campaign Advisory Board

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